• Let Your Life Speak: Parker J. Palmer talks about his pilgrimage toward selfhood and vocation, which for him involves both listening and discernment.
  • Lectio Divina: M. Basil Pennington discusses lectio divina as a way of listening to how God speaks through "His inspired and inspiring Word."
  • The Practice of Prayer: Margaret Guenther regards prayer as both listening to the Holy One and expressing our innermost feelings and desires.
  • Benedict's Way: Lonni Collins Pratt and Daniel Homan acknowledge the supreme value of the practice of listening in the rule of St. Benedict.
  • Teachings of Sufism: Carl W. Ernst explains the spiritual practice of listening to music in Sufism.
  • Awakening Intuition: Mona Lisa Schulz contends that intuition is the language of the soul that must be listened to seriously.
  • At Home with Dying: Merrill Collett is convinced that empathetic listening is an essential craft in caring for the dying.

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