• Contact: A driven American astronomer is convinced that the ultimate adventure of the universe is listening, and she practices with great focus and intensity.
  • The Sixth Sense: It is very important that we share our encounters with the supernatural with those we love and listen to their accounts as well.
  • Boesman and Lena: More than anything else in the world, all some people need is another person to listen to them with heart.
  • The Muse: The best muse lives inside us if only we would heed her calls.
  • True Crime: Sometimes a person's only saving grace is a catlike intuition.
  • Smoke Signals: You have to listen carefully to discern the truth for oftentimes it wiggles into our hearts indirectly.
  • The Quiet Room: The holy calling of parenthood demands the skill of deep listening.
  • Mumford: Finding the right person to hear the intimate details of your life is not an easy task in an era when most people are wrapped up in themselves.

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