• Contemplative Discernment
    Take this unique opportunity to learn and practice with leaders of the worldwide contemplative movement -- Gail Fitzpatrick-Hopler, Father Carl Arico, and Father Thomas Keating. This 12-session e-course provides guidance on a process for opening and listening to receive clues about who we are in God.
  • A Journey of Discernment
    Develop the discernment that comes from a life of unceasing prayer in whatever form of prayer works for you. From Sister Mary Margaret Funk and Contemplative Outreach, this e-course explores the contemplative approach to discernment for the small and large decisions in life.
  • Practicing Spirituality with Ram Dass
    Absorb the wisdom from the life experience of American spiritual teacher, psychologist, and author Ram Dass. This e-course offers 40 emails with reflections and practices about being present, acting with compassion, conscious aging, deep listening, and more.
  • Wisdom Stories from the Sufi Tradition
    In this 28-part e-course, listen to and soak up the teaching and guidance in the rich history of Sufi storytelling. These stories and reflections become containers for meaning, lenses for perception, and multidimensional symbols for the education of the soul.