• Choosing to Love – 2020
    Enjoy Brother David Steindl-Rast bubbling over with poetry and insights born from years of contemplation and compassionate action. This 12-session e-course with video teachings by Br. David explores teachings about love and the deep experience of belonging.
  • Practicing Spirituality with Protestants
    Practice spirituality with progressive Protestants — people like Annie Lamott, Frederick Buechner, Hugh Prather, Ted Loder, Bruce Epperly, Jane Vennard, Walter Wink, Donna Schaper, Heidi Neumark, Kathleen Norris, Sallie McFague, William Sloane Coffin, Will D. Campbell, Martin Marty, Robert Raines, and many others. In this 40-part e-course, enjoy and practice teachings on love, justice, prayer, and social action in your everyday activities.
  • Exploring Gilead
    Dive into the world created by novelist and Pulitzer-winner Marilynne Robinson. This four-session e-course explores the themes and practices from Robinson’s novel, Gilead, that credibly models the better nature we all have the ability to access.
  • One Love: Navigating Life by Heart
    Acquire a wide array of skills to help you find your way in the realm of divine love. In this 12-session e-course, enjoy Mirabai Starr’s teachings and practices on embodied spirituality, our ethical compass, longing for God, and unity.