• The Knowing Heart: Kabir Helminski, a Sufi Shaikh of the Mevlevi Order, presents "a spiritual recovery program for those addicted to the separate self" with practices to transform the ego, purify the heart, and activate Spirit.
  • Dancing the Dream: Jamie Sams presents a map of the sacred paths of initiation and transformation in Native American tradition.
  • Running to the Mountain: Jon Katz, a middle-aged media critic, goes on a retreat seeking personal transformation.
  • Age Power: Ken Dychtwald presents preventative and transformative solutions to age-related challenges.
  • The Knitting Sutra: Susan Gordon Lydon reveals how knitting has been a catalyst to her personal transformation.
  • Son of Man: Andrew Harvey discusses the mystical path to Christ as a route to transformation


In The Fatigue Artist by Lynne Sharon Schwartz, Laura is a 40-year-old novelist living in Manhattan who comes down with chronic fatigue syndrome. The illness opens her up to new possibilities. In Tai Chi classes, she learns about flexibility and rooting herself in the earth. She visits an herbalist and tries homeopathy. The illness is a catalyst to her transformation both as a woman and as an author.

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