This mantra reminds us that transformation is both personal and public.

Breathing in: As Spirit transforms me . . .
Breathing out: May I transform the world.

The “Ah” Mantra by Lama Surya Das guides us through use of a mantra for anytime we want to refresh and energize ourselves.

Other Prayers

A Gateway to Life
I don't ask for suffering today, but if it comes, let it be a gateway to life, not a reason for complaint and despair.
Ron Miller in Wisdom of the Carpenter

A Prayer for the Hardest of Times
Lord God,
I am begging you
It’s me, [name]
I’m begging you
I’m begging you to take my hand
Lift me up, out of darkness
Into the light
Lift me out of my addiction.
Lord God,
Take my hand
It’s me, [name]
Begging you to take my hand
Just for today
Lift me up into the light of your love
So that I may see
The reflection of my face in yours.
Restore me to sanity.
Fill me with your grace.
Molly Starr in Prayers for Hope and Comfort: Reflections, Meditations, and Inspirations by Maggie Oman Shannon