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  • In Japan, the place where "the art" is practiced is called the "dojo" or "house of enlightenment." There is a popular saying "the Dojo" is everywhere! Wherever work is done in a present, conscious way, there is the house of enlightenment. Transformation is the action of both spiritual liberation and art.
    — Laurence G. Boldt in Zen and the Art of Making a Living
  • The world is new to us each morning — that is the Lord's gift, and we should believe we are reborn each day.
    — Baal Shem Tov
  • Perhaps the Egyptians chose the beetle as a god of creation, and not some more noble creature, because that lowly image hints at the possibility that transformation begins at the bottom level and attains the highest.
    — Normandi Ellis in Dreams of Isis
  • It is the closing of the heart far more than the closing of the mind that keeps folk from transformation and deepening.
    — Jean Houston in Search for the Beloved
  • The great metaphors from all spiritual traditions — grace, liberation, being born again, awakening from illusion — testify that it is possible to transcend the conditioning of my past and do a new thing.
    — Sam Keen in Hymns to an Unknown God
  • Ideally, we would rise to the occasion and transform the adversity into an opportunity for greater happeniness. We would use the adversity to deepen our own wisdom and compassion, and transform it into something we can embrace. We would chew it up, swallow, and digest it, and be closer to enlightenment as a result. That's the ideal, as the Tibetans say: transform adversity into spiritual growth.
    — B. Alan Wallace in Boundless Heart
  • The ultimate goal is to transform the world into the kind of world God had in mind when He created it.
    — Harold Kushner in To Life!
  • Only the images by which we live can bring transformation.
    — Helen Luke in The Way of Woman
  • The full and joyful acceptance of the worst in oneself may be the only sure way of transforming it.
    — Henry Miller quoted in The Shadow in Americaby Jeremiah Abrams
  • You are destined to fly, but that cocoon has to go.
    — Nelle Morton quoted in Writing from Life by Susan Witting Albert
  • The noblest prayer is
    When he who prays
    Is inwardly transformed
    Into what he kneels before.
    — Angelus Silesius quoted in Searching for the Meaning of Life by Willigis Jager
  • Change your ways, give yourself a fresh coat of paint, convert yourself. Do all this, and you'll find the Cross before it finds you.
    — Thomas a Kempis quoted in The Imitation of Christ edited by William Griffin

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