Ways to practice Transformation include healing self and relationships, purification, fasting, mind training, self-inquiry, rituals for change, seasonal festivities, the Medicine Wheel, and the specific practices below.

Draw a "Life Map" using any combination of straight, curved, solid and broken lines. When do you turn or spiral back into an earlier pattern? Experiment with using different color pens for the various periods of your life. Include images to mark significant milestones on your journey, as well as events you now recognize as stepping stones to where you are now. Circle the major points of transition and put gold stars around transformations.

A Pain-Absorbing Stone by Tom Cowan invites you to change the way you see yourself.

Almost Done by Caroline W. Casey explains why all your demons seem to act up just when you are ready to change.

Blessing Others by Brenda Shoshanna offers a way to transform pain into healing.

Contemplative Comprehension by Rami Shapiro describes the practice of Tevunah for a state of spacious awareness and God-realization.

Don’t “Try” by Stephanie Dowrick suggests using transformative and self-supportive language.

Dying by Joan Halifax provides four profound reminders of what to do during the dying process.

Easter Surprises by Melannie Svoboda says you should surprise yourself and other people.

Everyday Renunciation Practice by Sylvia Boorstein teaches the mind that every desire and every imperative passes.

Find Your Optimism Words by Donald Altman describes a method for overcoming roadblocks with optimism.

How Am I Holding Joy Away? by Carolyn Hobbs encourages us to take responsibility for our old habits.

Humility as an Antidote to Anger by Joseph Telushkin provides us three reminders to use when we lose our temper.

Letting Go of Attachments by Jamal Rahman inspires us to release beliefs and attachments that do not serve us.

Letting Others Be Who They Are by Brenda Shoshanna urges us to shed our old ways by making a list of things and people to release.

Make the Most of Boring or Difficult Moments by Sumi Loundon shares an idea for transforming our attitude and perspective on the less-engaging moments of our lives.

Mindful Consumption by Thich Nhat Hanh presents a vow for mindful and healthful consumption for the good of ourselves, our families, and our society.

Muddy Water by Rick Fields emphasizes the need to get dirty in the process of our personal development.

Reframing Apparent Defeat by Ted Falcon offers a simple meditation practice on the transformational benefit of failure and obstacles.

Take a Competitor to Lunch by Brenda Shoshanna recommends that we reframe a competitive relationship as a supportive one.

The Gift of Tears by Valentin Tomberg recommends that we consciously choose to be cleansed and renewed by a good cry.

The Messenger by Shaun McNiff recommends transforming problems by writing about them.

More Spiritual Practices about Transformation