• Phenomenon: The transformation of a big-hearted auto mechanic into a deeply spiritual man who demonstrates selfless love, sees clearly, and honors the connections between all things.
  • Seven Years in Tibet: A cocky and egocentric Austrian mountaineer undergoes a spiritual transformation in Tibet.
  • The Land Girls: Three Englishwomen experience a freedom that is intoxicating and edifying during World War II.
  • No Looking Back: A young man returns to his hometown after three years out West and seeks transformation in an old relationship.
  • A Civil Action: A small-time personal injury attorney is changed into a zealous crusader for the truth while working on a David vs. Goliath case.
  • Down in the Delta: An inner-city mother takes her children to Mississippi for a summer where she experiences new family solidarity and renewal.
  • 28 Days: An alcoholic enters a rehab program and makes a valiant effort to turn her life around.

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