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A Prayer of Gratitude for Internet Creators and Curators Lover of Creativity, we are so thankful for all the creative and curating skills of so many bloggers and social network users. They enrich our lives immensely. Survey: A Pew Research Center surv…
We read about living and loving We read about living and loving
Avengers: Age of Ultron A Marvel blockbuster with more human touches than usual for this kind of fare.
The Age of Empathy Studies of the social behaviors of animals that demonstrate humans are preprogrammed to be empathetic and kind to each other.
Take a Competitor to Lunch Reframing a relationship by supporting each other.
The definition of diplomacy The definition of diplomacy
A freedom for rather than a freedom from A freedom for rather than a freedom from
The Everly Brothers' Soothing Harmonies In a time when there is so much discord in the world, it is soothing to listen to singers whose voices blend together and bequeath to us music that heals the body, mind, and soul. Don and Phil Everl…
Making Rain Movement Practice (all ages) A group practice in recreating the sound of a rainstorm.
The Essential Ravi Shankar A watershed collection of sitar music by the pioneer who introduced Indian music to the West.