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The Unquiet Monk A description of Thomas Merton's increasing pacifism during the 1960s and his desire for individual voices to be heard.
A choice between the failed revolution and the shabby deal A choice between the failed revolution and the shabby deal
A Statement by Julia Bacha The director of the documentary talks about discovering an unknown nonviolent movement in the Middle East.
Urgently Needed: A Peace Surge Readings and practices for those wanting to head off a descent into international violence.
Red Joan True story of an English woman who questions the way governments go about national security.
The First 54 Years: An Abbreviated Manuel for Military Occupation A sobering documentary about the effects on all sides of Israel's oppression of the Palestinian people during its military occupation.
A Hidden Life An immersive story of a conscientious objector to the Nazis, his wife who supported him, and the community who didn't.
Checkpoint An unflinchingly honest Israeli documentary about the humiliations endured by Palestinians every day at the hands of the Israeli soldiers occupying the West Bank.
Birthday of George Orwell (PDP) Remembering the English novelist, journalist, and critic famous for his allegorical Animal Farm and dystopian 1984.
American Radicals Highly recommended celebration of marginal heroes in American history.