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Lights, Camera . . . Faith! Relates films to the Gospel readings from Mark, making it a valuable resource for preachers and small groups in Christian parishes.
Savior on the Silver Screen Examines nine films about Jesus.
Full Frontal Covers 24 hours in the lives of seven individuals who are searching for some personal connection that will give their lives meaning.
Cinema Paradiso Captures and conveys the enchantments, escapes, and enslavements of those mesmerized by movies.
That's Dancing! A fine film about the beat that put bodies in motion from tap to ballroom to disco to break dancing.
Values & Visions Circles - Tips for Using Movies for Soulmaking How to turn the intensely focused experience of film-going or DVD-viewing into a spiritual journey for your soul.
Inspiration in the Best Films of 2014 Our thoughts and reflections on some of the Most Spiritually Literate Films of 2014
Ed Wood An idiosyncratic portrait of an oddball whose enthusiasm for making movies is endearing.
Mulholland Drive A phantasmagorical David Lynch extravaganza set in Hollywood about role-playing, desire, power, and mystery.
Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid A thoroughly entertaining spoof of Hollywood private eye movies.