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Frankenweenie A strange and appealing animated film that explores the unusual adventures of a lonely boy and his eternally frisky dog.
Alice in Wonderland An exotic tale about a young woman's adventure in an alternate reality that tests her will power, resourcefulness, and courage amidst weirdness and danger.
Tim Burton's Corpse Bride A bittersweet fairy tale set at death's door that salutes the liberating power of true love.
Ed Wood An idiosyncratic portrait of an oddball whose enthusiasm for making movies is endearing.
Big Fish An unpredictable tale about a story-loving child who still enjoys exploring dreams, fantasies, and larger-than-life adventures.
Planet of the Apes A re-imagining of the 1968 science fiction classic that dramatizes the clash between hostility and hospitality, bringing home the destructiveness of prejudice and hatred of the other.
Sleepy Hollow A stylish and imaginative screen adaptation of Washington Irving's classic.
Edward Scissorhands A modern fairy tale about a deformed outsider whose innocence and gentle nature make him a freak in the eyes of the community he visits