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Savior for Sale: Da Vinci's Lost Masterpiece? An art quest saga where the major players are the megarich.
Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution An uplifting story of disability rights advocates and their ongoing fight for justice.
Another Day of Life An animated documentary presenting a journalist's poignant perspectives on the horrors of war.
Wild Nights With Emily A spirited romp through the hidden life of an elusive artist.
Viceroy's House A richly developed historical drama about the partitioning of India.
The Settlers A poignant look at the religious foundations of the settler movement in the West Bank.
The Vietnam War An immersive portrait of a century of conflicts in Vietnam and the decision-making behind them, featuring accounts from American and Vietnamese witnesses and you-are-there archival images.
Boom Bust Boom A spunky and creative critique of neoclassical economics.
Woman in Gold A rousing drama about a Jewish refugee who is looking for closure on her terrible past and a young lawyer who matures spiritually.
Marie Antoinette A mesmerizing performance by Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette, a self-absorbed woman imprisoned in a golden cage of wealth and privilege.