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Leave No Trace A thoughtful story about a father and daughter who discover that kindness is good medicine.
Heaven Knows What The downward ride of two self-destructive heroin addicts living on the mean streets of New York City.
Children Underground A harrowing documentary about five homeless kids struggling to stay alive on the streets of Bucharest, Romania.
Extreme Measures Opens our eyes to some serious moral issues involving advances in medical science.
Lost in Paris A far-out romantic comedy with three eccentric and lovable characters.
A Street Cat Named Bob The true story of a stray city cat whose love of a street musician turns his life around.
The Soloist A deeply spiritual movie about the moral complexities of helping another person.
French Exit An impeccable comedy of manners full of quirky performances.
The Lady in the Van A vibrant dramedy about the idiosyncratic relationship between a homeless elderly woman and a lonely playwright.
Owl and the Sparrow An enchanting story of a homeless girl on the streets of Saigon who has a big heart and a yearning to be accepted for who she is.