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Birthday of Mary Stevenson Cassatt Celebrating the birthday of the impressionist painter famous for her depictions of women and children.
Pump in the Spirit Encouragement to call on God for a fill up.
Best Friend A metta meditation of loving-kindness.
A Bouquet of Kindness Practices An array of exercises to cultivate lovingkindness.
Lovingkindness Caring for others, free from conditions
Diwali - A Celebration of Our Inner Light The Hindu holiday as a celebration of our inner light and a time to cultivate spiritual wealth.
The Problem with Perfection A reflection, prayer, and scripture for accepting our imperfections.
Shining More Brightly A meditation to build your sense of safety.
Count Your Words A practice to encourage gentle speech from a Hasidic master.
Seeking Inner Guidance Guidance for discerning the next step when facing important decisions.