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Who Owns the Future? Jaron Lanier on how tracking services sell private data about you.
Circumstance An engrossing Iranian film about the familial clash of values of a sister seeking freedom and pleasure and a brother who is zealot for Islamic fundamentalism.
Smash His Camera A robust and snappy documentary about Ron Galella, the controversial photographer of America's superstars and celebrities.
A Scanner Darkly A well-realized dystopian sci-fi drama about addiction and paranoia.
Equity Glimpses of ethical disarray on Wall Street through the experiences of three women.
Terms of Service An examination of the shadow side of connections in this Social Media era.
Exposed An expose on how the line between governance, commerce, surveillance, and private life is evaporating.
Dekalog: Six A radical critique of those who refuse to respect the mysterious, wondrous, and life-enhancing enchantments of sexuality.
Red Road A gritty urban drama set in Glasgow that covers surveillance, urban loneliness, grief, and empathy.
We Live in Public A fascinating documentary about the internet pioneer who saw the fun and ego gratification of showing and telling all online.