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Enchanted April Shows how a holiday can become a spiritual experience.
An Interview with Phil Cousineau An interview with the host the Global Spirit series on his own spiritual journey, his mentors Joseph Campbell and Huston Smith, and the unique approach of the new series.
Cowboy Angels An engaging French road movie about two unlikely persons whose adventures bond them together in a friendship.
Sideways A buddy movie that is a delight from start to finish: it offers a round-trip ticket to the rewards of friendship and the follies and frustrations of middle-age.
The Beach A riveting film which explores how mortality and the need for morality invade even a paradisial beachfront.
Abominable A magical animated film about the power of friendship and music.
Eight Miles High A cautionary tale about the acute discontent and loneliness that comes from a constant craving for new and exotic experiences.
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Friendship of four teenagers bonded together by mutual caring and a pair of jeans.
Cry Macho A western story about an old cowboy who demonstrates the power of trust and experiences the benefits of gentleness.
The Horse Boy An extraordinary documentary about an autistic boy, his loving parents and their journey to Mongolia in search of healing through horses and shamans.