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Films about Heaven, Angels, and the Afterlife A collection of films about what happens when we die and who we might connect with while there.
The Story of David A fine biblical drama which explores the life and legacy of the famous king.
Luther A vibrantly dramatic overview of this sixteenth century reformer whose vigorous stand against the Catholic Church led to the Protestant Reformation.
The Body The explosive mix of faith, passion, and politics in Jerusalem through the story of an archaeological dig that casts doubts on the resurrection of Christ.
God's Army An engaging film about a group of young Mormon missionaries tying to bring in a harvest for the Lord.
My Night at Maud's A sophisticated drama that speaks volumes about sexual politics, faith, and the delights of conviviality.
Lady Jane The short life of an English scholar, reformer, and religious martyr.
Agnes of God A well-acted and soul-stirring drama about miracles and the clash between reason and faith.
Oh, God! Salutes human responsibility for making the world a better place and takes justifiable pot shots at holier-than-thou hotshots.
Playing with God Movie comedies — Bruce Almighty; Oh, God!; Oh, God! Book II; Dear God; Dogma — explore how mere humans respond when God comes calling.