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Smile for No Good Reason Lee Jampolsky's story and teaching on forgiveness.
Choosing Happiness Stephanie Dowrick with thoughts for when we need to forgive or be forgiven.
Holy Adventure Bruce G. Epperly with a prayer, an affirmation, and a practice on forgiveness.
Forgiveness Joseph Sica's simple practice of keeping an old-fashioned skeleton key as a reminder that forgiveness liberates us from prison.
Radical Forgiveness Antoinette Bosco on why forgiveness is of paramount importance.
Sailing Home Norman Fischer's guided meditation for practicing forgiveness that leads to resting in the feeling of forgiveness.
Breaking the Drought Stephen Levine with a poem on forgiveness and a reevaluation of our so-called enemies.
Authors & Readings on Forgiveness A guide of the original sources from this episode.
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The Tao of Daily Life Derek Lin's story about the burden of holding grudges and the transformation forgiveness provides.