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Forgiveness In both your private and public lives, discover the sweet release that comes from forgiving others. Feel the healing balm of being forgiven and of forgiving yourself.
Forgiveness Meditation A meditation to practice forgiveness of others, yourself, and those who have hurt or harmed you by Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield.
Viewer's Guide on Forgiveness Reflection and discussion questions to use when viewing this episode.
Antidote to Revenge Eye-witness account of the impulse for revenge after 9/11 and a practice of monitoring one's own urges for revenge.
Forgiveness Vase Flowers to erase offense.
Every Night Forgiving those who have sinned against you.
Authors & Readings on Forgiveness A guide of the original sources from this episode.
Releasing the Desire for Revenge A ritual to become more forgiving.
Brenda Peterson in Singing to the Sound It is never too late to
Forgiveness A program for individuals and small groups on the spiritual practice of forgiveness.