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South of the Clouds A touching Chinese parable about the dangers of a life destroyed by regret.
Marianne Williamson in Everyday Grace Natural yearning in all of us
Asylum Natasha Richardson in an intense performance as a passionate woman who risks all to satisfy her desires.
Kabir in Praying Dangerously When the Guest is being searched for
I Am David A fine family film about a 12-year old boy's escape from a Bulgarian prison camp and his quest to discover his true identity.
Amy Krouse Rosenthal in Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life I love butterscotch
A Month in the Country Explores the suffering and losses of lonely souls.
Daniel Gottlieb in Learning from the Heart Learn to live comfortably with my longing
Promised Land A minor slice-of-life look at the dashed hopes of privileged youth.
Donald Altman in Living Kindness Does not help when you try to repress cravings