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Brothers A riveting drama about a Marine captain who brings the violence of the war in Afghanistan home to his wife, two daughters, and brother in America.
In America The full screenplay with commentary by director Jim Sheridan and his daughters Noami and Kirsten.
In America A soulful and buoyant portrait of a poverty stricken Irish family's winning battle to move beyond the wrenching and chaotic emotions of grief into a new life in Manhattan.
My Left Foot A stirring and triumphant biodrama about Christy Brown, who overcame being severely handicapped by cerebral palsy.
The Boxer A well-acted drama that salutes the moral fiber of a pugilist fed up with violence.
In the Name of the Father A riveting drama about a miscarriage of justice and the suffering of a family who are wrongly imprisoned in Belfast.
The Field A gut-wrenching drama pulsating with Shakespearean passions.