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Brothers A riveting drama about a Marine captain who brings the violence of the war in Afghanistan home to his wife, two daughters, and brother in America.
In America A soulful and buoyant portrait of a poverty stricken Irish family's winning battle to move beyond the wrenching and chaotic emotions of grief into a new life in Manhattan.
In America The full screenplay with commentary by director Jim Sheridan and his daughters Noami and Kirsten.
My Left Foot A stirring and triumphant biodrama about Christy Brown, who overcame being severely handicapped by cerebral palsy.
The Boxer A well-acted drama that salutes the moral fiber of a pugilist fed up with violence.
In the Name of the Father A riveting drama about a miscarriage of justice and the suffering of a family who are wrongly imprisoned in Belfast.
The Field A gut-wrenching drama pulsating with Shakespearean passions.