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Erosion An account of the gifts and blessings for two friends' wedding.
How to Bury a Goldfish On the importance of a ritual for going off to college.
Life-Cycle Ceremonies A family ceremony to honor their 98-year-old aunt.
A Pebble for Your Pocket Thich Nhat Hanh with a practice for when you're angry during the day.
Wisdom Walk Sage Bennet on the spiritual practice of vision as found in the wisdom traditions.
The Art of Pilgrimage Phil Cousineau on receiving the blessing of an elder.
The Power of Ritual Rachel Pollack on experiencing ecstatic dance.
Why Not Celebrate! Kay Holler's husband's daily ritual of being glad to be home.
Ceremonies for Change Lynda S. Paladin on symbolically releasing something when you give things away.
Family Celebrations Tim Myers' poem on transforming a new house into a home.