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Donating Food and Clothing A short teaching and practices on the most basic act of lovingkindness.
Retiring A teaching and practices for creativity and vitality in retirement.
Preparing Ourselves to Do Sacred Work Practices to accomplish a sacred purpose in all that we do.
Receiving Requests for Contributions A teaching and practices for meeting the sacred responsibility to care for others and the world.
Traveling in Peace A ritual, teaching, and practices for protection and peace.
Celebrating the Difference You’ve Made in Each Other’s Lives A meditation, ritual, and blessing for the angels in our lives.
Seeing Natural Wonders A teaching and practices for reveling in the wonder of our world.
Moving Ritual Ways to bless your home, whether moving out or moving in.
Being with the Beans A suggestion for throwing out the bad and bringing in the good.
Finger Prayers Linda Witte Henke's devotional practice using one's fingers.