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Son of the Bride A heartwarming comedy about the personal transformation of a middle-aged man, thanks largely to the example of his very romantic parents.
The Young Girl and the Monsoon The touching story of a photojournalist who is pulled out of his midlife rut by a visit from his daughter.
The Evening Star Explores the adventure of aging and the benefits of life review.
Carlito's Way Charts the efforts of a Puerto Rican drug-dealer just released from prison to put a life of crime behind him.
Light Sleeper A film about a middle-aged man who longs for meaning and the grace that can change his life.
Keep the River on Your Right: A Modern Cannibal Tale An extraordinary documentary about an unusual man whose questing spirit is a marvel to behold.
Is Anybody There? A quirky coming-of-age drama that will draw you in with its spiritual undertow and delight.
Mila From Mars Celebrates the kindness of strangers and the elixir of love in a world grown cold due to selfishness, violence, and indifference.
The Browning Version A high-class film about a middle-age teacher who does painful soul-searching.
Roommates A wonderful film that salutes the vital connections between grandparents and grandchildren.