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The Heart of the Matter Arthur Green's personal statement of his beliefs and commitments.
Sharing the Darkness Sheila Cassidy's personal credo.
The Universal Christ A rumination on questions raised by what about Jesus is included in the Apostles' Creed.
Animal Gospel A Christian Credo for Animals that rejoices in animals as fellow creatures loved by God.
The Future of Faith Harvey Cox's realization that Christianity is not a creed and faith is more a matter of embodiment than of axioms.
Animal Gospel A wake up call for Christians to support the animal rights movement and to show greater respect and love for all creatures large and small.
Unbelievable Ways of reshaping and renewing twenty-first century Christianity
Simple Faith Margaret Silf with an invitation to co-operate in this adventure called life.
Speaking Christian A wake up call for churches to redeem the Christian language from its imprisonment within literalism, dogmatism, and a heaven-and-hell framework.
Fundamentals of Rumi's Thought An appreciation for all paths leading to God.