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Sides of a Horn A powerful short film that explains the conflict between poachers and rangers over rhinos in Africa.
What Is Democracy? A thought-provoking documentary presenting the challenges and flaws of democracy from ancient Greece to modern times.
American Factory Documentary about how culture clashes in factories highlight changes in the global economy.
Made in Bangladesh An inspiring portrait of a persistent and resilient young woman fighting for workers' rights in a garment factory.
Requiem for the American Dream An interview with Noam Chomsky that illuminates the sad and scary state of affairs in "Two Americas."
Worth A substantial film about the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund that addresses whether it is possible to put a price tag on a life.
Snowpiercer A dystopian masterwork illustrating the moral rot of dividing the population into a winning class versus everybody else as poor scum of the earth.
Big Men A hard-hitting documentary about oil, money, globalism, international finance, corruption and greed.
Black Sea A parabolic film about a middle-aged man who decides to fight back after being reduced to being a nobody.
The Hand That Feeds A rousing documentary about the creation and triumph of a small union in New York.