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Conquer Jealousy Helpful thoughts on letting go of envy.
A Daily Practice of Appreciation A practice to help overcome envy, resentment, or judgment.
Ending Envy Cultural contributions to our tendency to envy what others have and two ways to end it: stop comparing and practice gratitude.
Altruistic Joy A guided meditation to foster happiness, gladness, delight, and generosity.
The Exuberant Joy of Others Gratefully delighting in people's unbridled happiness.
Accept Your Body Appreciating yourself as you are.
Waiting with Attention A fascinating view into the mind's tricks: desire, envy, dislike, anger, and more.
The Siddur of Shir Chadash A blessing for a home to be of holy service.
Inner Riches as an Antidote to Envy Rededicating your skills to benefit all.
Navratri – Nine Nights of Meditation on the Divine Feminine Spiritual goals for the Hindu holiday that honors Shakti or the Divine Feminine/Mother.