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Wild Comfort Kathleen Dean Moore on learning how to receive things gracefully as gifts from others and from the Earth.
A Listening Heart Brother David Steindl-Rast's salute to the spirituality of sacred sensuousness and the importance of a grateful, listening heart.
The Lord Is My Shepherd Harold S. Kushner's insights on the importance and blessings of the spiritual practice of gratitude.
365 Thank Yous John Kralik on responding to the one good thing a person did for you in your thank you note.
Growing God Kerry Walters on joy attracting more joy.
Free Yourself Carolyn Hobbs on what freedom is and the gifts it brings.
Birthing God Lana Dalberg on being a gift to the Divine.
Meal by Meal Donald Altman on the connections you can make with others at meals.
Mary, Mother of All Nations Megan McKenna with a teaching story on God's gifts.
How Can We Keep from Singing Joan Oliver Goldsmith with a salute to the feeling of magic and zeal when singing Mozart's Requeim.