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Spiritual Memoirs A month's worth of spiritual memoir recommendations.
My God and I A captivating series of snapshots from the life and ministry of this unconventional teacher, preacher, and writer in the Christian Reformed tradition.
The Big Bang, The Buddha, and The Baby Boom A jaunty trip down memory lane by a long time broadcast journalist, who is a Buddhist with a keen sense of humor.
Practicing Resurrection Another installment in her spiritual memoir about church and finding healing and hope in the midst of turmoil.
Open Secrets A lively memoir by a Lutheran minister about his first parish.
The Spiral Staircase The second installment of the author's spiritual memoir, from when she left a Catholic convent to the present when she still thinks about God and spirituality.
This Flowing Toward Me A sensitive and engaging memoir of a sister who has spent 25 working with refugees and international immigrants.
Plan B Essays that reveal the Christian author's idiosyncratic faith as she finds tiny bits of hope and rebirth in her own experiences.
Local Wonders A book of prose that moves through a Nebraska year and finds wonders all around.
Tales of Wonder An autobiography, one of the best books of the year, that describes a creative, visionary, edifying, and appealing spiritual adventure.