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Where God Happens Rowan Williams on connecting to God's reconciling presence by caring for our neighbors.
Civility Stephen L. Carter on treating all people as part of God's creation.
The Power of Forgiveness Kenneth Briggs's scientific query about forgiveness.
Beads and Strands A discussion of the African ideal of communal togetherness and the many obstacles that still separate people.
Stories of Awe and Abundance Jose Hobday telling the story of Joseph -- a Berkeley resident who reached out to one and all to provide a bit of good news.
Encountering God Diana Eck calling for a basic knowledge of the world's religions as a sacred duty.
Random Acts of Kindness A delightful book that puts some snap, crackle, and pop into your acts of kindness.
My Neighbor Is a Dog A delightful children's tale about being open and hospitable to strangers who become neighbors.
The Problem of Wealth A parable about the meaning and value of the commons.
Peace Is the Way Henri J. M. Nouwen calls us to say no to violence of heart and mind.