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Director's Statement on The Drummer A statement from director Kenneth Bi about his film about Zen drumming.
Gerry A parabolic film by Gus Van Sant that toys with the mysteries of identity, fate, and the harsh realities of wilderness experiences.
Time Out The involving French film which vividly conveys the soul-shattering debilitations of unemployment and the need to survive while adrift in the universe.
One An engaging drama about the waning of a long friendship between two young men who are taking separate roads into the future.
Gaby: A True Story An inspiring 1988 film that celebrates one severely handicapped individual's fierce determination
Lonely Hearts An endearing tale of the ways in which love comes in its own sweet time.
The Drummer The transformation of a rebellious youth as he adapts to discipline, practice, and the rigors of communal living with a Zen drumming troupe in Taiwan.
Big Fish An unpredictable tale about a story-loving child who still enjoys exploring dreams, fantasies, and larger-than-life adventures.
A Test of Love A pensive Australian drama about work and meaning.
The Chosen Probes sharing, empathy, and patience as personal qualities at the heart of friendship.