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Evolution of a Yogi Presents the teachings and practices Ram Dass brought back from India in 1970 after his transformation.
Altars of the World A fine survey of Western and Eastern devotional practices.
Polina The quest of a classical ballerina to express herself through modern dance.
Talent Has Hunger An entertaining documentary on the master cello teacher Paul Katz and his talented students.
An Interview with Phil Cousineau An interview with the host the Global Spirit series on his own spiritual journey, his mentors Joseph Campbell and Huston Smith, and the unique approach of the new series.
I Am a Monk A fascinating documentary about the life of a Buddhist monk from New England living in Thailand.
The Mystic's Journey with Huston Smith Explores the riches of the spiritual traditions of Sufism, Tibetan Buddhism, and Hinduism.
Global Spirit A series of one-hour programs that explores belief systems from around the world that animate our actions; hosted by Phil Cousineau.
The Karate Kid The engaging story of a handyman at a housing complex who teaches martial arts to a boy yearning for mastery of self.
Freaky Friday An exercise to demonstrate the spiritual practice of openness.