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The Lord Is My Shepherd Harold S. Kushner's insights on the importance and blessings of the spiritual practice of gratitude.
Light on Enlightenment Christopher Titmuss's advice on how to practice compassion when dealing with the pesky demons of praise and blame.
Come and See David Keller on silence as the birthplace of listening and praise.
Planting Seeds Thich Nhat Hanh on children learning to compliment and praise one another.
Living the Wisdom of St. Francis Wayne Simsic on St. Francis singing his gratitude with a nightingale.
Jewish Spirituality Rabbi Lawrence Kushner on blessings as a way of remembering to pay attention.
A Code of Jewish Ethics, Volume 2 Joseph Telushkin and Sara Rigler on praising others and trying to always show them in a good light
How to Be Spiritual But Not Religious Victor M. Parachin shares nine specific ways you can be a light in someone's life.
Beauty, Wonder and Belonging James Conlon on the mystery of one and the mystery of all.
And Live Rejoicing Huston Smith on why the truly spiritual person is wonder-struck.