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A Beautiful Mind A Discussion Guide to the movie about John Forbes Nash, a Nobel Prize-winning mathematician whose wife supported him through a protracted struggle with schizophrenia.
Just the Ticket An offbeat drama about miracles and love.
Before Sunrise A romantic drama about two strangers who express their most intimate feelings through conversation during their one day together.
Claire's Knee A charming French film about the tug-of-war between a man's structured beliefs and his desires.
Love Without Pity Presents what happens when opposites attract.
No Small Affair Reveals a few new twists in the old lost art of initiation.
Love on the Run A cinematic valentine from Francois Truffaut to Antoine Doinel.
The Nest Explores a platonic love affair.
California Suite Offers audiences a fine blend of laughter and variety which is the spice of good comic cinema.
The Goodbye Girl A bittersweet love story by Neil Simon.