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Mother Maria Skobtsova Honoring this Orthodox nun who modeled a life of hospitality and service to others.
The Experience of Lack The simplicity of the desert teaches about abundance.
Everyday Renunciation Practice Sylvia Boorstein on teaching the mind that every desire and every imperative passes.
Accept the Situation Reframe a situation causing you unhappiness.
Renunciation of All but God A method of learning dhikr with a Sufi master.
Unhealthy Speech Christopher Titmuss on renouncing unhealthy speech.
Little Renunciations Wisdom about letting go of self-defeating habits.
Renunciation Practice Loosening the hold our desires have on us.
Three Ego-Renunciation Practices Three ways to practice renunciation to loosen the ego's grasp on the mind.
A Service of Reconciliation A multifaith service that demonstrates the spiritual practice of hospitality.