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Into the Wild From the movie Into the Wild, an old man's advice to a young seeker about where joy comes from.
A Dios Momo / Good Bye Momo An uplifting and heartening Uruguayan film about a poor and kind boy whose life is transformed during the 40 days of carnival.
Global Spirit - The Journey Toward Oneness Multifaith and scientific explorations of how we are connected to all creation and the universe itself.
The Sunchaser An unusual drama mirroring the cultural walls that still separate spiritual believers and spiritual naysayers.
Meetings with Remarkable Men Filmed in the mountain ranges and deserts of Afghanistan, this fascinating drama transports us to a strange and exotic world of spiritual adventurism.
Sacred Journeys with Bruce Feiler A six-part series that focuses on the motivations and reactions of pilgrims at sacred places around the world.
The Darjeeling Limited A spunky spiritual adventure story about three American brothers traveling through India, trying to connect with each other and come to terms with the past.
Cold Fever A valentine to the charms of Iceland and a flinty meditation on a young man's quest to bestow a blessing on his parents.
First Reformed A slow movie classic which explores a rainbow mix of religious and spiritual themes.
For Ellen Portrait of punk rock singer/songwriter experiencing a spiritual emergency as he copes with a deluge of troubles and disappointments.