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Ice Castles Lifts our spirits by giving a glimpse into the human side of an exciting sport.
Ever After An enchanting rendition of the classic Cinderella tale set in sixteenth century France.
Buechner A 2003 interview with Protestant minister and prolific writer Frederick Buechner about things that matter to him -- listening to God, faith, grace, laughter, and paying attention.
Global Spirit - Stories to Remember An exploration with host Phil Cousineau of the lives of two people who have made storytelling their central focus.
A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies What registers strongly is this American director's enthusiasm for the medium.
The City Four stories of Latin American immigrants living in New York City that activate the energies of the heart.
Divan A lively documentary about one woman's quest to explore her Hasidic roots; it mixes fact, emotion, and religious tradition with the spiritual practice of questing.
The Star Maker A bittersweet tale of redemption that conveys the power of cinema and the soulful dimensions of storytelling.
The Guys A healing drama about two individuals from different worlds who bond together after September 11 as they work through their grief and come to see the wonders hidden in the people all around us.
The Princess Bride An appealing, bittersweet fairy tale set in a farawy world of once upon a time.