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Bringing Out the Dead A riveting drama about a New York City paramedic who is experiencing a harrowing spiritual emergency.
The Wolf of Wall Street An over-the-top portrait of a cynical head of brokerage firm which vividly shows the soul rot afoot in America.
The Aviator Charts three decades in the life of Howard Hughes, a forerunner of today's successful businessmen who love power, money, and the chance to do whatever they want.
Hugo A free-flowing and enchanting celebration of movie-making, finding the way home, and the kind of caring that can transform the lives of others.
GoodFellas Proves that not even crooks can do whatever they want, that everybody is accountable.
Kundun Memorable mainly for its moral message about the courage it takes to adhere to the Buddhist principle of nonviolence in the face of so much suffering.
The Color of Money A tight, tough, and tense screenplay carried by Paul Newman's intelligent performance.
The Last Waltz One of the most well-realized and musically satisfying rock movies ever made.
After Hours A Kafkaesque drama about paranoid and urban living.
Casino A fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the mob's control of LasVegas in the 1970s.