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Animals and Christianity Albert Schweitzer on how we share the guilt in causing the suffering and pain of animals.
The Blindfold's Eyes Sister Dianna Ortiz on why torture victims never fully recover from torture, and why acceptance of torture by governments is so troubling.
Crucified People The invisible wounds of emotional and spiritual pain experienced by torture victims.
Alien Landscapes? A richly rewarding look by a philosopher into the inner lives of those with mental illness.
Censored 2015: Inspiring We the People A roundup of the 25 most censored stories of 2013-2014.
Human Rights Watch's World Report 2011 Reports on human rights violations in over 90 countries by the largest Human Rights organization in the United States.
World Report 2015 An invaluable resource that sets the agenda for lovers of freedom.
Age of Anger A fascinating analysis of the historical roots and present day impact of anger upon the world.
Who Rules the World? A keen overview of the United States as a superpower, presented with both tenacity and prophetic insight.
Crucified People A sobering expose at torture around the world and the trauma suffered by its many victims.