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The Compassionate Life The Dalai Lama on the major spiritual practice for compassion.
The Bodies in Person A quest to find out more about the civilian casualties in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.
Gandhi and the Unspeakable James W. Douglass on how Gandhi was a martyr to the unspeakable.
Children of the Days Eduardo Galeano on how drones kill without remorse.
Fallout How building an atomic bomb wasn't inevitable after all.
Sudden Justice An overview of the beginnings of modern drone warfare and its dire effects on operators.
Glimpses of Grace How a gift for having fun can protect children from irrationality and despair in the world.
The Bomb A detailed and scary overview of U.S. nuclear strategies and the dangerous crises faced by commanders-in-chiefs.
Violence All Around A substantive work on the violence at the heart of the war on terrorism since the September 11th attacks.
Fallout A dramatic and poignant examination of the birth of the Nuclear Age.