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George Caleb Bingham's Election Series Three paintings depicting scenes of the American political process.
Seeking Joy in the Jungle Dancing and declaring our way into love, despite the demons.
How to See A top-drawer collection of art criticism that celebrates pictorial values and creative surprises.
Mark Tobey's Broadway A lively and luminous painting that is a tribute to New York City.
Humans of New York Beautiful photography book that challenges us to listen to the stories of others and open our hearts and minds to urban dwellers.
The Arts as Treasured Companions on Our Spiritual Journeys What music, art, and photography bring to a spiritual quest.
Colliding Worlds Fascinating report on the creativity and enthusiasm afoot in the arenas where science and art are renewing each other.
Soul of Light The visionary art and poetry of a painter from Portugal whose theme is Light.
The Art of Faith A guide to Christian images and symbols in art that makes a history lesson into a playful adventure.
The Color of Light Poems which help us mine the spiritual meanings in Van Gogh's later paintings.