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The Indiana Jones School of Spirituality A proposal for a school of spirituality that honors all those spiritual practices that you make up as you go along.
Writing Your Story Guidance for turning inward and gaining strength from reflecting on your life.
Thematic Dance An exercise combining dance and poetry.
Drop It A call to action -- for letting go of what does not serve you.
Vibrantly Alive An affirmation to permeate you and your day with zest for life.
Passions In a story from a fourth century desert father, we learn how the soul is made strong.
A Prayer for Zeal A prayer to have zeal for God, for life, for justice and for peace.
Your Most Prosperous Year Determine if the life you're living is really you.
Write "Yes" Accepting the challenges life presents to you.
Aliveness A call to identify and incorporate into your life that which brings you joy, peace, and a sense of being alive.