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Don't Look Up A thought-provoking parable, both funny and sad, about the reactions to the consequences of climate change.
The Neutral Ground An account of what the arguments around the removal of Confederate statues in the South reveal about racism in the U.S. today.
I Am Greta An enlightening documentary about a passionate young prophet for eco-justice.
City Hall A detailed documentary showing the many things a city government does for its citizens.
Fahrenheit 11/9 A powerful, even frightening, documentary on what's happening to America's democracy.
American Chaos Interviews with Trump supporters in the 2016 Presidential campaign that prove passion beats pragmatism.
Museo (Museum) An unconventional heist film with humor, heart, and smarts to spare.
BlacKkKlansman A stylish and satirical indictment of the legacy of white supremacy.
Manifesto for a Slow Movie Movement Our manifesto for a return to slow movies as an antidote to the trend of super loud violent summer blockbusters.
Things to Think and Talk About After Viewing Bully Ten discussion probes on the documentary for use in preventing bullying.