Film Reviews

Submergence An intriguing romantic thriller that takes us into dangerous otherworlds beyond our world. Love
The Leisure Seeker A couple's journey to recapture the adventure and pleasures of 50 years of marriage. Love
Big Fish & Begonia A creative Chinese animated film that marvels at mysterious connections. X-The Mystery
Isle of Dogs An imaginative tribute to dogs with some social commentary on the side. Questing
I Kill Giants An adventure story about a teenage girl who uses her imagination to cope with her fears and problems. Questing
Shelter A well-acted thriller about trust between a vulnerable Israeli agent and the Lebanese woman she is assigned to protect. Love
Journey's End A meaningful portrait of a World War I British soldier who proves himself to be a wounded healer. Peace
The Forgiven A drama about the restorative justice and forgiveness work of Archbishop Desmond Tutu and South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Forgiveness
Claire's Camera A slowed-down drama rendered with simplicity and nuance. Play
A Wrinkle in Time A science fiction fantasy about a girl's quest to discover her own power by embracing her faults and expressing her love. You
Black Panther A superhero movie that raises key questions about the responsibilities of a nation to the rest of the world. Peace
Hostiles A western that depicts the miracle of turning away from a life of violence, hatred, and anger. Transformation
Mudbound A tale of two families that reveals the malevolent growth of racism in the United States. Love
Murder on the Orient Express A detective story that questions easy distinctions between right and wrong. Questing
Lucky The poignant story of the spiritual journey of a nonagenarian facing changes in his daily life. Questing
The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) A hard-hitting dramedy about the emotional fireworks set off by anger. Shadow
Neither Wolf Nor Dog A road movie featuring conversations with an Lakota elder on the tragedies experienced by his people and the lessons of his life. Questing
Our Souls at Night A touching and elegant movie about the healing qualities of deep talk in the last stage of life. Love
Ex Libris: The New York Public Library Another appealing documentary masterwork in the astonishing career of Frederick Wiseman. Meaning
Year by the Sea A melodrama about a middle-aged woman's quest for renewal. Transformation
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