Film Reviews

The Florida Project Vibrant portrait that shows us from a child's point of view how play and enthusiasm can be ways to survive poverty. Play
God's Own Country A gay love story that reveals the beauty of a landscape and acts of mercy. Love
Lucky The poignant story of the spiritual journey of a nonagenarian facing changes in his ordinary life. Questing
Marshall A rousing courtroom drama about Thurgood Marshall as an ardent NAACP lawyer in a town convulsed by racial hatred of blacks. Justice
Mully An astonishing documentary about an African millionaire whose goodness leads him to serve the street orphans of Nairobi, Kenya. Love
Breathe Sober drama about a young man paralyzed with polio who discovers a new mission in his life. Love
Mark Felt: The Man Who Took Down the White House Drama about Deep Throat, the whistle-blower who wanted to save American democracy. Shadow
The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected) A hard-hitting dramedy about the emotional fireworks set off by anger. Shadow
Goodbye Christopher Robin Sobering biodrama about a successful writer who learns that you can't always get what you want. Love
The Mountain Between Us Survival story that reveals how love and tenderness grow out of the vulnerability of two strangers. Hospitality
Victoria & Abdul A delightful dramedy about the Queen of England's friendship with a 24-year-old Indian clerk. Love
Brad's Status An insightful dramedy about a man's midlife crisis propelled by comparisons and envy. Love
Neither Wolf Nor Dog A road movie featuring conversations with an Lakota elder on the tragedies experienced by his people and the lessons of his life. Questing
Una An intense and harrowing account of a victim of sexual abuse. Love
Our Souls at Night A touching and elegant movie about the healing qualities of deep talk in the last stage of life. Love
First They Killed My Father A deeply human study of the Cambodian genocide and the brave survival of one little girl. Attention
Ex Libris: The New York Public Library Another appealing documentary masterwork in the astonishing career of Frederick Wiseman. Meaning
Year by the Sea A melodrama about a middle-aged woman's quest for renewal. Transformation
Viceroy's House A richly developed historical drama about the partitioning of India. Love
Columbus A mesmerizing film about the poetics of place and the difficult choices we must make to stay true to our passions. You
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