Film Reviews

Looking for Home A variety of accounts of the meaning of home around the world. Meaning
The First 54 Years: An Abbreviated Manuel for Milita… A sobering documentary about the effects on all sides of Israel's oppression of the Palestinian people during its military occupation. Compassion
Guest House A moving visit to a community of women determined to rebuild their lives. Justice
Mountaintop A documentary about the recording of the Colorado album by Neil Young with the band Crazy Horse. Connections
The Deported Stories of four immigrants and their families facing the heartbreak of deportation. Compassion
The Lavender Scare Another shocking and horrific expose of American hatred and ignorance. Justice
The Peacemaker Fascinating documentary on a Don Quixote peacemaker trying to bring healing to a war-torn world. Peace
A Better Man A documentary in which a couple with a history of domestic violence try to heal the wounds. Meaning
Look & See: A Portrait of Wendell Berry A spiritually abundant documentary on the life and work of a humble rural seer. Meaning
Nowhere to Hide A laser-sharp documentary on the impact on civilians of five years of war and destruction in Iraq. Shadow
After Fire A thought-provoking documentary on how women veterans of war cope with trauma. You
A Family Affair A Danish documentary about the director's conflicted 95-year-old grandmother who loves being the center of attention. Shadow
The Crossing An absorbing documentary about a band of Syrian refugees and their perilous journey to Italy and from there to new beginnings. Hope
Inside the Chinese Closet A vivid look at the struggles gays and lesbians in China have with parental pressures to get married and have children. Love
Democrats A hard-hitting documentary on the complexities of creating a workable democracy in Africa. Justice
Bel Borba Aqui: A Man and a City A fascinating documentary portrait of an energetic and creative street artist from Salvador Brazil. Imagination
Barefoot to Timbuktu: Ernst Aebi An appealing documentary about a larger-than-life adventurer, artist, entrepreneur, and social activist in a settlement in the middle of the Sahara. You
American Casino A riveting view of the subprime mortgage meltdown and its devastating impact on homeowners from poor African-Americans to wealthy Californians. Shadow
The Price of Sugar A portrait of a courageous Spanish Catholic priest in the Dominican Republic with a ministry of compassion to poor, enslaved Haitian immigrants. Justice
Valley of Tears A hard-hitting documentary about injustices heaped on Mexican-American migrant workers by a small Texas town's white power brokers. Justice
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