Film Reviews

Barbie A sassy comedy that raises questions for people of all ages about what it means to frame your life as a quest. Questing
Oppenheimer An intense, inventively filmed, and well-acted biopicture about the kinds of events that are hard on the heart. Shadow
Showing Up A thoughtful drama about the importance of the practice of attention in an artist's life. Attention
You Hurt My Feelings An insightful comedy about the epidemic of lying and the lack of trust afoot on all levels of society. Faith
Emily An imaginative portrait of what Emily Bronte life’s might have been like to enable her to write Wuthering Heights. Love
Women Talking A parabolic drama, about a group of abused women discussing how they will respond to their abusers, that demonstrates how conversation can lead to change. Forgiveness
The Other Tom Poignant story of a mother trying to decide what is the best approach for dealing with her son who has ADHD. Love
I’ve Heard the Mermaids Singing A Canadian drama about a quirky woman's creativity and passion. Imagination
Sides of a Horn A powerful short film that explains the conflict between poachers and rangers over rhinos in Africa. Reverence
Five Seasons: The Gardens of Piet Oudolf An enchanting tour led by the world's most famous garden designer and avid plant lover. Imagination
Festival of Lights A vivid portrait of the troubled journey of a mother and daughter who flee Guyana and try to set up new lives in America. You
Who Do You Love Another behind-the-scenes look at the formation and success of Chess Records in Chicago during the 1950s and 1960s. You
Stay the Same Never Change An alluring and exotic look at the desires of lonely and bored teenage girls caught and carried away by their powerful desires for love and human connection. Yearning
I Just Didn't Do It A gripping courtroom drama that reveals the inner workings of the Japanese criminal court system through the case of man accused of sexual molestation. Justice
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