Film Reviews

Bohemian Rhapsody A biopicture that is all about the music of Queen and lead singer Freddie Mercury. Imagination
If Beale Street Could Talk A masterwork about resilient young love and the challenges faced by blacks in racist America. Love
At Eternity's Gate A distinctly different biopicture that will evoke your empathy for Vincent Van Gogh. Imagination
Support the Girls A thematically rich dramady about three women who bond together in response to the humiliations at their workplace. Kindness
Boy Erased A searing indictment of conversion therapy and a celebration of self-acceptance. Transformation
Green Book A road movie turned buddy movie about the friendship between two very different men. You
Can You Ever Forgive Me? A quirky chronicle of forgery, creativity, and an artist’s search for identity. Shadow
The Ballad of Buster Scruggs Six stories set in the Old West, each with a message about mortality. Questing
Becoming Astrid A rousing biopicture about the popular and unconventional children's book writer. You
Beautiful Boy An informative and important drama about a family coping with the effects of crystal meth addiction. Love
Wildlife An impressive domestic drama illustrating emotional literary and the spiritual practice of impermanence. You
What They Had A wonderfully human portrait of a family facing a crisis that brings them all to a deeper, richer, and more rewarding life together in love. Love
Private Life A dramady carried by many magic moments of heartache and humor. Nurturing
First Man Story of NASA's quest to land a man on the moon and the reluctant hero who took that first historic step. Questing
Bikini Moon A meandering mockumentary with flights of fantasy and fierce social critique. Meaning
A Star is Born Love story about two musicians finding it difficult to believe in themselves and their unique voices. You
The Sisters Brothers A revisionist Western romp with surprisingly sensitive hitmen. Questing
Monsters and Men A muted but majestic exploration of explosive violence, ethical conundrums, and elusive justice. Justice
The Land of Steady Habits An engaging and well-acted drama about the challenges of middle age and suburban living. You
A Simple Favor A female daring duo spread chaos in suburbia. You
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