The literal meaning of mantras is "to set free from the mind." The Sanskrit term can also mean divine speech, tool of the mind, and language of the human spiritual physiology. Thomas Ashley-Farrand is a Christian who has practiced mantra-based spiritual disciplines for 25 years. In this practical resource, he presents more than 50 of the most effective chants in the original Sanskrit with their translations. The author is convinced that the regular use of mantras is "a wonderfully effective complementary spiritual practice that can enrich your life."

Hindu and Buddhist sages, Greek philosophers, and mystics in all the world's religions have used these short phrases packed with energy and intention as a way to create changes in consciousness. Ashley-Farrand presents mantras that can be used to remove obstacles, to attract love, to heal a relationship, to change physical and planetary karma, to master fear, to ward off anger and other undesirable inner conditions, and to cultivate self-empowerment. In addition, the author shows how these mantras can become the central linchpin in a 30- or 40-day spiritual discipline.

Sounds True has released a three-hour version of The Power of Mantras by Thomas Ashley-Farrand. This spoken-word audio package contains a study guide. (Sounds True, 1999, two cassettes, $18.95, ISBN 1-56455-682-4)