"Mastering the art of owning our own excellence and supporting ourselves emotionally through self-acceptance and encouragement can lead to a deep inner friendship which, in turn, creates a sense of security and builds confidence," writes Sue Patton Thoele, a former psychotherapist and hospice worker. She continues: "Such a friendship can be likened to a greenhouse in which delicate seedlings are given the best environment possible to foster growth. In the tender and gentle atmosphere of a nurturing greenhouse, plants and flowers (even when repotted) mature into their natural beauty. So, too, can the very essence of the self flourish."

Thoele is the author of eleven other books including Growing Hope. In this warm and welcoming new work, we are presented with a series of elegant and encouraging essays designed to spur female self-esteem. Here you will find meditations on standing by our core, acting as the arms of God, irrigating arid situations, calming the inner sea, remembering to breathe, viewing discipline as desirable, growing through loss, wishing at the well, and honoring the feminine way. Enhancing these buoyant essays are lovely pictures of flowers which seem connected with the greenhouse references early in the book.

Best of all is Thoele's knack for creating wonderful spiritual exercises.

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Try a Spiritual Practice on Nurturing